House of Blade Mall

Many top designers in one location.
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Fashion Reporters:
Kaiti Jensen (Tuesday's)
Bee Debs (Thrusday's)
Tori HEart (Friday's)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Special Thanks

Proud to say that I have a wonderful team on Samurai. Special Thanks to my 3 reporters Kai, Bee, and Tori.

Not only are they talented people they are House of Blade family members.

As some of you know House of Blade On Samurai Island is being remodeled, but Samurai Tokyo has Excellent shops and designers still open for your pleasure.

Special thanks also to Second Style for adding us to their links. Out of all the magazines and blogs I have every read they have an amazing clean and professional style. Always worth reading.

House of Blade usually is back up and running with in a couple days of me taking it down but my physical health has not been up to par. Soon we will be up and running again and I will edit the urls to our special features that our hard working reporters posted.

Also our Main Island Feed site is being worked on and will soon ber offering Banner ad space. This site is not just for Samurai Island but for Samurai Tokyo too. the site is in progress so please bare with us. Hopefully we will also have a Members area to join for very special House of Blade offers and Discounts exclusive to our Islands.

Huggies Katana!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tori's Friday Fashion Report July 24

Happy Friday everyone =) This week i visited one of my fav stores Self Expressions.
Self Expressions is Owned by Andie Ramona and has several locations around SL .

In the house of blade mall store She has so many nice clothes for both women and men , Specializing in Sexy womens clothing =) She also has a full line of womens skins and plans on releasing mens skins soon.
Andie has been designing clothes since feb 2005.
Here are some of her newest creations Seduction, Sweet & Sexy, Rebel, Maleficent, and Lusty laced leather.

Mens clothing line....


Me wearing "the Temptress" By Self Expressions

Here is the location click and telport to visit =)
Teleport Here

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AFK Designs at House of Blade Mall, reported by Kaiti

AFK Designs has been around since July 6, 2004 and became a Merchant with House of Blade Mall December 2004. AFK Designs is owned by Lady Greenstein and she Specializes in Ladies Clothing Including Maternity, Flexi Dresses, Overall Bibs, and multi piece outfits. Also available is Buttflap Pjs, Mens Clothes, Eyes, and Prim Shoes.
Lady is currently working on creating Version 2 of her 2004 Designs and updating other stuff :)

Items released recently;

*Yang Guifei* This Cutsie Anime dress has multiple combinations. Including a Maternity Version. Inspired by the Nakama Sim.

*Araeyah* This 7 color combination flexi dress is so pretty and so versitile.With 3 Sophisticated colors, and 4 fun & flirty colors, you can't go wrong. Also comes with a matching Bikini Inspired by clothing found in Real Life.

*Flutter* This fun Flexi dress is too cute to pass up. Feel like you are flying with the butterflies. This also can be used by Mommys-to-be!
Teleport to AFK Designs

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tori's Friday Fashion Report

Hi Everyone this week I wanted to report on LollyPop location : Teleport to her store
LollyPop is Tuli Asturias' line of clothing store with locations all over SL.
In the Samurai Island store i found so many nice clothes it was hard to decide what to talk about but I did find several that are really pretty thatI liked.
First is a stunning red evening gown called Bonbon :Really Wrong Dress priced at 325L

Next I saw this really cute black and pink shorty dress and top called Bubblegum: Sweetheart that even included prim sock cuffs =) Also at 325L

Next there is this awesome shirt and skirt outfit called Tart: Chainmail at 325L. The skirt pieces are flexy and move so great especially when dancing :)

And finally some pretty lingerie called Sugar lace Love that includes 2 sets of Lingerie (Red and Teal) priced at 299L

Have a great weekend everyone ! *hugs*

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tori's Fashion Report

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about my Sl so far =)
I've been in Sl since January and really Love it .
My interests Include Asian Inspired themes which is what drew me to Samurai Tokyo and the mall there. Well that and Katana's wonderful skins and clothing :)
One of my interests is fashion..... clothes , hair , Jewelry, You name it . Im so wowed by the talented and creative designers that are here which is what I will be reporting on.
I was walking around the mall here and came upon a store that really caught me eye Named
"Unveil" The designers name is Sythia Veil.

Teleport to her Store here

She is very creative and has things ranging from shirts, tops , to hair and specialty avatars.
Al the jewelry is under 100L and the clothig is very reasonable nothing over 200L
Shes even giving some really awesome fashion poses away for only 1L each which are really good!
Some of the things that casught my eye were her colorful Hair styles Priced from 30-140 L pictured here and these really neat and funny skeleton avatars At 270L in all sorts of colors! My freind has one and they are something to see =)
She also has a skin tight leather "Selene" outfit that kate beckensale had in Underworld For 300L ...Yummy!Check out the pics from her store and go see it for yourself !