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Friday, July 07, 2006

Tori's Fashion Report

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about my Sl so far =)
I've been in Sl since January and really Love it .
My interests Include Asian Inspired themes which is what drew me to Samurai Tokyo and the mall there. Well that and Katana's wonderful skins and clothing :)
One of my interests is fashion..... clothes , hair , Jewelry, You name it . Im so wowed by the talented and creative designers that are here which is what I will be reporting on.
I was walking around the mall here and came upon a store that really caught me eye Named
"Unveil" The designers name is Sythia Veil.

Teleport to her Store here

She is very creative and has things ranging from shirts, tops , to hair and specialty avatars.
Al the jewelry is under 100L and the clothig is very reasonable nothing over 200L
Shes even giving some really awesome fashion poses away for only 1L each which are really good!
Some of the things that casught my eye were her colorful Hair styles Priced from 30-140 L pictured here and these really neat and funny skeleton avatars At 270L in all sorts of colors! My freind has one and they are something to see =)
She also has a skin tight leather "Selene" outfit that kate beckensale had in Underworld For 300L ...Yummy!Check out the pics from her store and go see it for yourself !


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