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Tori HEart (Friday's)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jaded Visions

Instant Gratification! Teleport directly to Jaded Visions.

We’ve all been there: the freebie newbie packs that came with “sexy” outfits and had us walking around in short shorts and a strip of flat color across the chest that passed for a “top.” Sexy in SL often means downright trashy or raunchy; that may be fine for some, but it often leaves the fashionable avatar with few options when wanting to flaunt those abs and thighs acquired with no sweat whatsoever.

Well, ladies (and somewhat indirectly, guys), I have good news: Jaded Visions has achieved the balance between sexy and fashionable. Don’t come to this store if you are looking for more formal or serious attire- that’s not what Jaded Visions offers. This designer’s sense of playfulness is evident in the clothing…and in the names. For example, A is for Attitude is a schoolgirl outfit with that pre-requisite white blouse tied into a knot and a short tartan skirt, while some color names, such as “Eat my Cherry,” and “Black Widow,” are reserved for the Shooters line of lingerie. There’s a fine line between plain tacky and cheeky, and Jaded Visions stays within the boundaries; the most risqué items you’ll find here are two skin add-ons: TanFastic, which involves tan lines for your skin, and Spankies, which consists of three shades of derriere redness for those who have been…very naughty (the handprint is a great touch, by the way). Both go for 250 linden.

You can't go wrong with leopard trim.

There is something very burlesque about the lingerie items here; they’re meant to be appreciated and what they conceal is hinted at through carefully detailed lace, patterns and some peek-a-boo tops that are more provocative rather than gratuitous. My favorite is the Scarlet Fever ensemble, which had a very 1940s feel to it. With Jaded Vision’s outfits, I get control over how much I want to reveal; Scarlet Fever has enough pieces to be worn as a skimpy two-piece or a more discrete corset and skin-tight skirt. You can swap tops and bottoms to your heart’s content, as many ensembles include some combination of shorts, pants, skirts, tops, jackets, bikini bras and panties (silk stockings and garter belts are big staples for many of the looks). The Checkered Past outfit really illustrates this: you can dress it up with long flared pants and a bolero or go all Playboy Bunny-like by wearing the corset and shorts with stockings. That playful boudoir feel is supported by other themed outfits, such as the flapper, the cheerleader and a French chick look, complete with beret and striped shirt. Cheers, featuring different combinations for a cheerleading outfit, is especially original, since it includes a megaphone, cheering animations, and particle pompoms. For those into role-playing there is the Slayer outfit, which leans more towards romantic and Goth with its somber colors and long, embroidered jacket. Although the store caters primarily to female avatars, you can find a male version of the Slayer outfit and there is also the Cosa Nostra ensemble, consisting of a pinstriped suit and even a cigar for the Dapper Don in you.

A vintage look without the mothball odor.

A look for every one of your multiple personalities.

Does not include quarterback with cool car.

Jaded Visions also offers poses at 50 linden each or bundled at 800 linden. Although a few of the poses are quite unique, the price is a bit on the higher end and will probably appeal mostly to those who do some kind of modeling on SL. Still, you can sample each of the poses and buy them individually. Something else that is nice about Jaded Visions is that if you take into the account the various different models featured on the signs, the outfits appear to fit a range of different shape types. I am petite in SL (at a dwarfish 5ft 9in, my RL height…go figure) and often find myself having to adjust almost everything I buy. It’s annoying to purchase something and realize you can only wear it if you modify yourself. The one outfit I bought, the Strut V.10, fit on the first try and I only had to adjust the collar a little bit.

I only wear these skimpy little outfits for the purposes of *ahem*... research... and for the benefit of all consumers...

Outfits are mid-range priced, going anywhere from 300 to 400. Given the variety of options and the care and detail put into these pieces (trim on jackets, fringes, see-thru panels, and so forth), the price is well worth it; you’ll probably find that one item from a Jaded Visions outfit anchors different outfit combinations from other outfits in your inventory.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Snowflake Skins- Anime Inspired Skins

Whether or not you are a fan of anime, don’t think you’ve already figured out this store based on its name alone. While there are bona fide female anime and fantasy skins here, such as Drow, Ninja and Battle Angel, you will find that you won’t necessarily step out looking like Doc Ido is your personal stylist. These skins, as advertised, are anime-inspired, a concept sure to please those who are looking for a complete overhaul or might just want to enhance their look a little bit.

One of two Drow skins

What first draws your attention is how well-displayed everything is at the store: the different skin types are presented on large signs alongside any make-up variations. The Drows, Devil, and Geisha skins do not have any variations and come at the price of 900 linden. Although these skins are well made, they will probably appeal mostly to those into role-playing, especially because in order to achieve the complete look, you may have to purchase certain hair, eyes, etc. Try the demos, which are free and available in all skins and make-up, to get a sense of how they look. My favorite of the single make-up skins was the Devil, which despite the strong red color did not make me look splotchy, like a German tourist on vacation at a Brazilian beach, or opaque, like a madly-blushing debutante having lunch with a foul-mouthed trucker: Snowflake Chaika’s skins have very nice tone and coloring.

I just might have to splurge for this Devil skin.

The best values here are the skins with multiple make-up choices. You can purchase one look for 800 lindens, or get a total of 10 different looks by purchasing the entire pack of skins for 2000 lindens. There is just enough variation, with looks ranging from glowing complexions complemented by soft pink lip gloss, under-the-eye-stripes on Battle Angel, the familiar pallor of Goth, to the masked Ninja, making the purchase worthwhile. Available in different skin tones, such as dark, pale, and Asian, you’ll find the make-up is tasteful and well done despite the skins’ not being modifiable. Again, try the demos for a solid idea.

Super sweet...

...or stealthy ninja chick? You decide, with the complete skin packs.

If I had to point out something I’d improve, I would merely suggest that Snowflake Chaika give her customers some direction as to where to go to purchase additional accessories. This isn’t something I’d suggest just to her either, but to designers in general: often, when purchasing skins, the customer ends up going for an advertised look that the designer painstakingly put together to convey a certain mood and vibe. It can be frustrating when a customer gets that skin and then realizes there is little resemblance to the model on the sign because of differences in shape, etc. I had that feeling when I tried on the Geisha skin; while it looked very flattering on me, it hardly had the flair presented on the poster, with that dramatic hairdo. The consumer in me wanted the entire look: where can I get it? I want to look like that. Savvier SL shoppers probably know immediately where to go, but a note indicating landmarks for accessories would help. To her credit, though, Snowflake Chaika makes three different shapes available for purchase (at 500 linden each): Teen, Curvy, and Original differ in height and voluptuousness and make getting closer to the advertised ideal possible.

All in all, Snowflake Skins makes original, attractive, and quality skins accessible at prices that aren’t prohibitive. Whether you camp, play ‘Sploder Ball, or work arduously to earn your pixelated daily bread, your money won’t go to waste here.

Friday, July 20, 2007

New at House of Blade Mall: Tenchu

Click to Teleport to Tenchu!

As most of you already know, the House of Blade Mall has undergone many changes over the past few months. Since things have been moved around, you might discover some of the interesting new designers who have taken up shop here as you explore the mall for old favorites.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time at Samurai Island has, at some point, run into JilQun Tantalus (or into Cody Tripsa in drag, but that’s another entry altogether). This laid-back RL Californian artist has recently decided to try his hand at designing his own line of classical Japanese-themed clothes under the brand name “Tenchu.” Although Tenchu is still new and there’s only a small number of items currently available, JilQun has been adding more and more colors and patterns to the designs already in display. What is striking about his work is the amount of detail. His clothes have depth; the sheers shimmer, the silks drape, and the wraps overlap perfectly over each other. The colors are rich and the patterns flow seamlessly. As someone who is dedicated to practicing martial arts in RL, he has taken care to portray his creations as accurately as possible. Except for one outfit, the Shabby Ronin, all of JilQun’s clothes are unisex, something that male samurai should welcome, given the limited availability of traditional Japanese clothing for men in general.

Nothing shabby about this ronin outfit.

His creations are reasonably priced and fit a range of different body types, as illustrated on the signs at the shop (one linden to the first person to name the female model on the sign- one only because she’s THAT recognizable).

One size does fit all!

In addition to the beautiful outfits, fashionistas can select from different hats. There are rumors about some geta being offered as freebies soon (they’ll come with built-in foot massagers!...OK, I totally made that up).

Last, but not least, JilQun is very approachable; should you have problems fitting anything, or need additional assistance (or just want advice on life or a guitar serenade on SL Voice) JilQun will do his best to help you out.

You can get "The Basics" and "Sheer Silk Kimono" for a very reasonable price. Me? Priceless!...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Samurai Island-Union Jack at House of Blade Mall

Union Jack has been with us since the grand opening of House of Blade back when we were still on Mooaleo sim on Sept 1, 2004. Union Jack is owned by Yari Yossarian a very talented designer.

On the left wall as you walk into his shop is a variety of men's casual wear, Blue Jeans, Black Jeans, Polo Shirt & Jeans Sets and Plaid Shirt & Jeans Set. And a cool pair of Tech Style prim boots.

The center wall has vendors on the left with nice Goth/Punk shirts and pants for men and women, IMO a few could be unisex peices.

Center wall right side is a section of women's outifts with Dresses, Skirt Sets, Pants Sets, Jeans, and a Lace Bustier Collection...All at very reasonable prices.

Here I'm wearing the Knit Tube Top with Pink Ribbon and Designer Jeans which comes seperately...this pic doesn't do this outfit justice, it is really cute and made very well.

On the Right Wall as you come into the shop is a selection of Men's Shirts all priced at $50L each!

There is also a really cool prim av and some Yossarian Pod Chairs that I have pics of but Blogger isn't cooperating...Come check them out here

Monday, August 14, 2006

SF Designs On Samurai Island

This week I am reporting on SF designs located on Samurai Island
Direct tp
Sf Designs is owned By Swaffette Firefly who I'm told was one of the first merchants at the House Of Blade Mall since the grand opening on Sept. 1, 2004.
All of the clothes are very reasonable and priced from 100L - 300L
I was instantly drawn to her store as you see cutouts of a police officer and male and female navy officers and a schoolgirl on the front entrance (all of the outfits the cutouts are wearing area available for sale )
Inside yous see that she has many great styles available for both Men and women ranging from jeans to suits for the Men , and bikinis to elegant dresses for the Women.
She even has some very cute boots and shoes :)
2 Of My favotite outfits I found were A cute while lace dress named (Totally Lace)
And another all black leather an fisnet dress called (Cyber Punked)
Stop by SF designs today you wont be disappointed.
Take care all till next report Xoxo , Tori

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Samurai Tokyo - House of RFyre

Hi Kat here! I just had to do a Fashion report. On House of RFyre in Samurai Tokyo.

Not only is Raven PennyFeather A dear friend but she is one of the most talented Designers I have seen in SL. She isn't just some ordinary designer but she has VISION. Between Her partner Samuel Frost's build and her inspiring designs this is a MUST SEE store. Her Prices Range from 95L to 600L, Most on average 200L-300L though Very reasonable for the quality you get back

Here is the entrance to the building

Here is how it looks as you walk in
It is such an intense design so much different in person I promise you that.

Here are some of her designs for both Men and Women. Men if you are bored with some of the clothing out there you got to see this store. Her clothing for men is very unique.

Also Raven is experimenting with Hair designs now so for all you Hair Junkies that are looking for something new come see her selection.

Samurai Tokyo is still Part of House of Blade Mall. The Plots here were rented out as build your own shop designs many to see so please swing by at our talented designers on Samurai Tokyo.
Here is a Fast Teleport to House of RFyre

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tori's Fashion Report (Aug. 5)

Teleport to Her Store
Hi Everyone =) , This week I am reporting on one of the newest stores on Samurai Island called "Azora". Its owned by Tanaquil Karuna.
Azora - A line dedicated to clothing of traditional Japanese style (kimono, yukata, hair sticks, geta and other articles). It focuses on both male and female clothing, with a historical approach mostly.
This store has the most Beautiful Kimonos riced from 150- 300L In tradition and even military versions.
I also found cute taditional Japanese style folding hand fans for only 30L , and Getas (traditional Sandles) that have customizeabale colors for only 50LPlease visit Azora you wont be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Special Thanks

Proud to say that I have a wonderful team on Samurai. Special Thanks to my 3 reporters Kai, Bee, and Tori.

Not only are they talented people they are House of Blade family members.

As some of you know House of Blade On Samurai Island is being remodeled, but Samurai Tokyo has Excellent shops and designers still open for your pleasure.

Special thanks also to Second Style for adding us to their links. Out of all the magazines and blogs I have every read they have an amazing clean and professional style. Always worth reading.

House of Blade usually is back up and running with in a couple days of me taking it down but my physical health has not been up to par. Soon we will be up and running again and I will edit the urls to our special features that our hard working reporters posted.

Also our Main Island Feed site is being worked on and will soon ber offering Banner ad space. This site is not just for Samurai Island but for Samurai Tokyo too. the site is in progress so please bare with us. Hopefully we will also have a Members area to join for very special House of Blade offers and Discounts exclusive to our Islands.

Huggies Katana!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tori's Friday Fashion Report July 24

Happy Friday everyone =) This week i visited one of my fav stores Self Expressions.
Self Expressions is Owned by Andie Ramona and has several locations around SL .

In the house of blade mall store She has so many nice clothes for both women and men , Specializing in Sexy womens clothing =) She also has a full line of womens skins and plans on releasing mens skins soon.
Andie has been designing clothes since feb 2005.
Here are some of her newest creations Seduction, Sweet & Sexy, Rebel, Maleficent, and Lusty laced leather.

Mens clothing line....


Me wearing "the Temptress" By Self Expressions

Here is the location click and telport to visit =)
Teleport Here

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AFK Designs at House of Blade Mall, reported by Kaiti

AFK Designs has been around since July 6, 2004 and became a Merchant with House of Blade Mall December 2004. AFK Designs is owned by Lady Greenstein and she Specializes in Ladies Clothing Including Maternity, Flexi Dresses, Overall Bibs, and multi piece outfits. Also available is Buttflap Pjs, Mens Clothes, Eyes, and Prim Shoes.
Lady is currently working on creating Version 2 of her 2004 Designs and updating other stuff :)

Items released recently;

*Yang Guifei* This Cutsie Anime dress has multiple combinations. Including a Maternity Version. Inspired by the Nakama Sim.

*Araeyah* This 7 color combination flexi dress is so pretty and so versitile.With 3 Sophisticated colors, and 4 fun & flirty colors, you can't go wrong. Also comes with a matching Bikini Inspired by clothing found in Real Life.

*Flutter* This fun Flexi dress is too cute to pass up. Feel like you are flying with the butterflies. This also can be used by Mommys-to-be!
Teleport to AFK Designs

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tori's Friday Fashion Report

Hi Everyone this week I wanted to report on LollyPop location : Teleport to her store
LollyPop is Tuli Asturias' line of clothing store with locations all over SL.
In the Samurai Island store i found so many nice clothes it was hard to decide what to talk about but I did find several that are really pretty thatI liked.
First is a stunning red evening gown called Bonbon :Really Wrong Dress priced at 325L

Next I saw this really cute black and pink shorty dress and top called Bubblegum: Sweetheart that even included prim sock cuffs =) Also at 325L

Next there is this awesome shirt and skirt outfit called Tart: Chainmail at 325L. The skirt pieces are flexy and move so great especially when dancing :)

And finally some pretty lingerie called Sugar lace Love that includes 2 sets of Lingerie (Red and Teal) priced at 299L

Have a great weekend everyone ! *hugs*