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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AFK Designs at House of Blade Mall, reported by Kaiti

AFK Designs has been around since July 6, 2004 and became a Merchant with House of Blade Mall December 2004. AFK Designs is owned by Lady Greenstein and she Specializes in Ladies Clothing Including Maternity, Flexi Dresses, Overall Bibs, and multi piece outfits. Also available is Buttflap Pjs, Mens Clothes, Eyes, and Prim Shoes.
Lady is currently working on creating Version 2 of her 2004 Designs and updating other stuff :)

Items released recently;

*Yang Guifei* This Cutsie Anime dress has multiple combinations. Including a Maternity Version. Inspired by the Nakama Sim.

*Araeyah* This 7 color combination flexi dress is so pretty and so versitile.With 3 Sophisticated colors, and 4 fun & flirty colors, you can't go wrong. Also comes with a matching Bikini Inspired by clothing found in Real Life.

*Flutter* This fun Flexi dress is too cute to pass up. Feel like you are flying with the butterflies. This also can be used by Mommys-to-be!
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