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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Samurai Tokyo - House of RFyre

Hi Kat here! I just had to do a Fashion report. On House of RFyre in Samurai Tokyo.

Not only is Raven PennyFeather A dear friend but she is one of the most talented Designers I have seen in SL. She isn't just some ordinary designer but she has VISION. Between Her partner Samuel Frost's build and her inspiring designs this is a MUST SEE store. Her Prices Range from 95L to 600L, Most on average 200L-300L though Very reasonable for the quality you get back

Here is the entrance to the building

Here is how it looks as you walk in
It is such an intense design so much different in person I promise you that.

Here are some of her designs for both Men and Women. Men if you are bored with some of the clothing out there you got to see this store. Her clothing for men is very unique.

Also Raven is experimenting with Hair designs now so for all you Hair Junkies that are looking for something new come see her selection.

Samurai Tokyo is still Part of House of Blade Mall. The Plots here were rented out as build your own shop designs many to see so please swing by at our talented designers on Samurai Tokyo.
Here is a Fast Teleport to House of RFyre


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