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Friday, July 20, 2007

New at House of Blade Mall: Tenchu

Click to Teleport to Tenchu!

As most of you already know, the House of Blade Mall has undergone many changes over the past few months. Since things have been moved around, you might discover some of the interesting new designers who have taken up shop here as you explore the mall for old favorites.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time at Samurai Island has, at some point, run into JilQun Tantalus (or into Cody Tripsa in drag, but that’s another entry altogether). This laid-back RL Californian artist has recently decided to try his hand at designing his own line of classical Japanese-themed clothes under the brand name “Tenchu.” Although Tenchu is still new and there’s only a small number of items currently available, JilQun has been adding more and more colors and patterns to the designs already in display. What is striking about his work is the amount of detail. His clothes have depth; the sheers shimmer, the silks drape, and the wraps overlap perfectly over each other. The colors are rich and the patterns flow seamlessly. As someone who is dedicated to practicing martial arts in RL, he has taken care to portray his creations as accurately as possible. Except for one outfit, the Shabby Ronin, all of JilQun’s clothes are unisex, something that male samurai should welcome, given the limited availability of traditional Japanese clothing for men in general.

Nothing shabby about this ronin outfit.

His creations are reasonably priced and fit a range of different body types, as illustrated on the signs at the shop (one linden to the first person to name the female model on the sign- one only because she’s THAT recognizable).

One size does fit all!

In addition to the beautiful outfits, fashionistas can select from different hats. There are rumors about some geta being offered as freebies soon (they’ll come with built-in foot massagers!...OK, I totally made that up).

Last, but not least, JilQun is very approachable; should you have problems fitting anything, or need additional assistance (or just want advice on life or a guitar serenade on SL Voice) JilQun will do his best to help you out.

You can get "The Basics" and "Sheer Silk Kimono" for a very reasonable price. Me? Priceless!...


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