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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jaded Visions

Instant Gratification! Teleport directly to Jaded Visions.

We’ve all been there: the freebie newbie packs that came with “sexy” outfits and had us walking around in short shorts and a strip of flat color across the chest that passed for a “top.” Sexy in SL often means downright trashy or raunchy; that may be fine for some, but it often leaves the fashionable avatar with few options when wanting to flaunt those abs and thighs acquired with no sweat whatsoever.

Well, ladies (and somewhat indirectly, guys), I have good news: Jaded Visions has achieved the balance between sexy and fashionable. Don’t come to this store if you are looking for more formal or serious attire- that’s not what Jaded Visions offers. This designer’s sense of playfulness is evident in the clothing…and in the names. For example, A is for Attitude is a schoolgirl outfit with that pre-requisite white blouse tied into a knot and a short tartan skirt, while some color names, such as “Eat my Cherry,” and “Black Widow,” are reserved for the Shooters line of lingerie. There’s a fine line between plain tacky and cheeky, and Jaded Visions stays within the boundaries; the most risqué items you’ll find here are two skin add-ons: TanFastic, which involves tan lines for your skin, and Spankies, which consists of three shades of derriere redness for those who have been…very naughty (the handprint is a great touch, by the way). Both go for 250 linden.

You can't go wrong with leopard trim.

There is something very burlesque about the lingerie items here; they’re meant to be appreciated and what they conceal is hinted at through carefully detailed lace, patterns and some peek-a-boo tops that are more provocative rather than gratuitous. My favorite is the Scarlet Fever ensemble, which had a very 1940s feel to it. With Jaded Vision’s outfits, I get control over how much I want to reveal; Scarlet Fever has enough pieces to be worn as a skimpy two-piece or a more discrete corset and skin-tight skirt. You can swap tops and bottoms to your heart’s content, as many ensembles include some combination of shorts, pants, skirts, tops, jackets, bikini bras and panties (silk stockings and garter belts are big staples for many of the looks). The Checkered Past outfit really illustrates this: you can dress it up with long flared pants and a bolero or go all Playboy Bunny-like by wearing the corset and shorts with stockings. That playful boudoir feel is supported by other themed outfits, such as the flapper, the cheerleader and a French chick look, complete with beret and striped shirt. Cheers, featuring different combinations for a cheerleading outfit, is especially original, since it includes a megaphone, cheering animations, and particle pompoms. For those into role-playing there is the Slayer outfit, which leans more towards romantic and Goth with its somber colors and long, embroidered jacket. Although the store caters primarily to female avatars, you can find a male version of the Slayer outfit and there is also the Cosa Nostra ensemble, consisting of a pinstriped suit and even a cigar for the Dapper Don in you.

A vintage look without the mothball odor.

A look for every one of your multiple personalities.

Does not include quarterback with cool car.

Jaded Visions also offers poses at 50 linden each or bundled at 800 linden. Although a few of the poses are quite unique, the price is a bit on the higher end and will probably appeal mostly to those who do some kind of modeling on SL. Still, you can sample each of the poses and buy them individually. Something else that is nice about Jaded Visions is that if you take into the account the various different models featured on the signs, the outfits appear to fit a range of different shape types. I am petite in SL (at a dwarfish 5ft 9in, my RL height…go figure) and often find myself having to adjust almost everything I buy. It’s annoying to purchase something and realize you can only wear it if you modify yourself. The one outfit I bought, the Strut V.10, fit on the first try and I only had to adjust the collar a little bit.

I only wear these skimpy little outfits for the purposes of *ahem*... research... and for the benefit of all consumers...

Outfits are mid-range priced, going anywhere from 300 to 400. Given the variety of options and the care and detail put into these pieces (trim on jackets, fringes, see-thru panels, and so forth), the price is well worth it; you’ll probably find that one item from a Jaded Visions outfit anchors different outfit combinations from other outfits in your inventory.


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