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Many top designers in one location.
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Fashion Reporters:
Kaiti Jensen (Tuesday's)
Bee Debs (Thrusday's)
Tori HEart (Friday's)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Samurai Island-Union Jack at House of Blade Mall

Union Jack has been with us since the grand opening of House of Blade back when we were still on Mooaleo sim on Sept 1, 2004. Union Jack is owned by Yari Yossarian a very talented designer.

On the left wall as you walk into his shop is a variety of men's casual wear, Blue Jeans, Black Jeans, Polo Shirt & Jeans Sets and Plaid Shirt & Jeans Set. And a cool pair of Tech Style prim boots.

The center wall has vendors on the left with nice Goth/Punk shirts and pants for men and women, IMO a few could be unisex peices.

Center wall right side is a section of women's outifts with Dresses, Skirt Sets, Pants Sets, Jeans, and a Lace Bustier Collection...All at very reasonable prices.

Here I'm wearing the Knit Tube Top with Pink Ribbon and Designer Jeans which comes seperately...this pic doesn't do this outfit justice, it is really cute and made very well.

On the Right Wall as you come into the shop is a selection of Men's Shirts all priced at $50L each!

There is also a really cool prim av and some Yossarian Pod Chairs that I have pics of but Blogger isn't cooperating...Come check them out here

Monday, August 14, 2006

SF Designs On Samurai Island

This week I am reporting on SF designs located on Samurai Island
Direct tp
Sf Designs is owned By Swaffette Firefly who I'm told was one of the first merchants at the House Of Blade Mall since the grand opening on Sept. 1, 2004.
All of the clothes are very reasonable and priced from 100L - 300L
I was instantly drawn to her store as you see cutouts of a police officer and male and female navy officers and a schoolgirl on the front entrance (all of the outfits the cutouts are wearing area available for sale )
Inside yous see that she has many great styles available for both Men and women ranging from jeans to suits for the Men , and bikinis to elegant dresses for the Women.
She even has some very cute boots and shoes :)
2 Of My favotite outfits I found were A cute while lace dress named (Totally Lace)
And another all black leather an fisnet dress called (Cyber Punked)
Stop by SF designs today you wont be disappointed.
Take care all till next report Xoxo , Tori

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Samurai Tokyo - House of RFyre

Hi Kat here! I just had to do a Fashion report. On House of RFyre in Samurai Tokyo.

Not only is Raven PennyFeather A dear friend but she is one of the most talented Designers I have seen in SL. She isn't just some ordinary designer but she has VISION. Between Her partner Samuel Frost's build and her inspiring designs this is a MUST SEE store. Her Prices Range from 95L to 600L, Most on average 200L-300L though Very reasonable for the quality you get back

Here is the entrance to the building

Here is how it looks as you walk in
It is such an intense design so much different in person I promise you that.

Here are some of her designs for both Men and Women. Men if you are bored with some of the clothing out there you got to see this store. Her clothing for men is very unique.

Also Raven is experimenting with Hair designs now so for all you Hair Junkies that are looking for something new come see her selection.

Samurai Tokyo is still Part of House of Blade Mall. The Plots here were rented out as build your own shop designs many to see so please swing by at our talented designers on Samurai Tokyo.
Here is a Fast Teleport to House of RFyre

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tori's Fashion Report (Aug. 5)

Teleport to Her Store
Hi Everyone =) , This week I am reporting on one of the newest stores on Samurai Island called "Azora". Its owned by Tanaquil Karuna.
Azora - A line dedicated to clothing of traditional Japanese style (kimono, yukata, hair sticks, geta and other articles). It focuses on both male and female clothing, with a historical approach mostly.
This store has the most Beautiful Kimonos riced from 150- 300L In tradition and even military versions.
I also found cute taditional Japanese style folding hand fans for only 30L , and Getas (traditional Sandles) that have customizeabale colors for only 50LPlease visit Azora you wont be disappointed.